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Denise Richter, a light skinned woman with red hair, staring into the camera with a smile.

Denise Richter
Co-Founder, Secretary & Treasurer

A Bit About Me

Denise is a Co-Founder of ADHD Advocacy Society of BC as well as the Secretary & Treasurer. She is also a founding member and administrator of the ever-growing face book group, “ADHD Parent Neurodivergent Support - British Columbia (BC) Canada” that currently has over 5,000 members. 


Diagnosed at the age of 12, Denise has become a strong ADHD self-advocate. Being diagnosed early in life and experiencing many different forms of therapies, she has a distinct perspective on the lived experience, which has aided her in advocating for and supporting her two Neurodivergent children.


Denise has been educating herself about ADHD for many years, and has a passion for understanding how the ADHD brain works. It shows greatly in her knowledge base and the large amount of resources surrounding ADHD she has been compiling. She now has an extensive library of resources that she is always ready to share with the community. Her attention to detail and drive to keep learning and sharing her knowledge is what makes her a strong supporter and advocate for helping support other ADHDers, adults and youth alike. 


Coming from a Veterinary Technician background, and growing up riding and caring for horses, Denise has the natural tendencies to care and nurture for others. When she isn’t spending time with her family or searching for, reading and sharing resources to help her family and the wider community, she can be found indulging in her creative outlets such as sewing and fiber arts or reading books. 

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