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Elisa Birch, a light skinned woman with brunette hair, looking into the camera with a smile.

Elisa Birch
Co-Founder & Co-Chair

A Bit About Me

Elisa is Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the ADHD Advocacy Society of BC. She is also a mother of two amazing kids who have helped steer her passion of helping others into this new role of Co-Chair. In 2021, Elisa was diagnosed as Neurodivergent (ADHD to be specific).This shined a light on a lot of the challenges that she faced at school while growing up.

Elisa comes from a large close-knit family that was always involved in active sports and travel. In the year 2000, she had the opportunity to travel to Spain to represent Canada during a 5-city tour with members of her dance studio.  She is passionate about photography, always being behind the lens, and is an avid book reader who enjoys sharing this hobby with her children. Elisa is also an animal lover who has never lived without a pet and enjoys spending time trick training her 5 year old Border Collie.

In 2008, Elisa started supporting Autistic children in their homes and communities. That opportunity is what led her to complete her Diploma in Classroom and Community Support. She then went on to work with the Surrey Association for Community Living as a Senior Activity Worker supporting youth in obtaining employment through their STEP program. She also worked  at PALS Autism School in Vancouver for many years where she gained even more experience supporting the neurodiverse community.


Currently, Elisa cares for her two children at home while keeping her family business running by attending to all administration duties. While being home with her children, Elisa found herself facing new challenges once her children started to attend elementary school. She quickly realized how little the education system actually understood about ADHD and its relation to school expectations. To be able to support her children as best as she could, Elisa added to her already growing “toolbox” of skills by educating herself about ADHD. In 2020 Elisa acquired the support of a parenting coach where she became even more versed in self-regulation and executive functioning skills, the core of ADHD. Learning about self-regulation and executive functioning skills in depth, gave her more specific language to use in supporting her children at home and towards advocating for them in their school. She has successfully advocated in her child’s school for needed support while providing updated information to school administration and staff regarding ADHD, self-regulation and executive functioning skills.

Elisa is constantly learning and growing her knowledge base to be able to support herself, her family and the people in her community. While working to grow ADHD Advocacy Society of BC, Elisa is also attending school to obtain her BA in Child and Youth Care. She hopes this will open more opportunities for her to support children and families in need within the education system, as well as give her another stepping stone towards educating others about ADHD and creating change where it is needed within other ministries.

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