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Mark Smeets, a light skinned man with brunette hair, leaning against a wall while smiling into the camera.

Mark Smeets
Volunteer Member 

A Bit About Me

Mark became a Volunteer Member of ADHD BC in March of 2023. He and his brilliant, supportive wife are parents to 2 amazing kids and 2 cats. Being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, and having his other family members identify as Neurodivergent, he now refers to his family as “The ADHD Family”, which he has cleverly named his new podcast!

In true ADHD style, Mark has a wide range of deep buckets of professional and personal experience ranging from web design, computer programming, and 14 years in logistics to triathlon training, musician, baking and is currently his Strata's President.

He enjoys sharing these passions with his family which has led to achieving some amazing milestones. Both Mark and his son completed a triathlon, and another time climbed the Sheraton Wall Center Tower (all 54 flights of stairs) in about 12 minutes.

Mark also wrote an article titled “How to get Your Child into Indoor Bike Training” which was published by various cycling outlets. The goal was to make indoor trainers more accessible to children.

With his background in web design and computer programming, he was part of the leadership team who designed and ran the website for Premier Dosanjh’s leadership campaign. In the past, he has also worked for unions to help amplify the voice of the employee.

Mark has been working with the Canucks Autism Network (CAN) as a Swim Coach and Support Worker since 2022. For him, it has been an incredibly fulfilling role to be able to use his swimming background, combined with the experience of neurodivergence in his family to help others become comfortable in the water.

Mark has been a strong advocacy voice in the ADHD Community. He is soberly aware of the barriers that children, adults, and families face in accessing public and private services, resources, and treatments, in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

He is a creative force that is never short of ideas, has a strengths-based approach to solutions, and the drive to bridge gaps to solve problems.

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