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How To Get Diagnosed

Psychologist Session

In B.C, an ADHD diagnosis can be made by a

physician (e.g., family doctor, psychiatrist, pediatrician)

or a registered psychologist. 


For children, teenagers, and adults an ADHD assessment involves learning about:

  1. The frequency and severity of ADHD symptoms 

  2. Situations the symptoms occur in

  3. When the symptoms first appeared 

  4. How long the symptoms have been present

  5. How much the symptoms interfere with routines and daily living

  6. Other explanations for the symptoms 


Information is collected from the person being assessed and from people who know the person very well and who interact with them regularly. For children and teenagers, information for the assessment is usually collected from parents/guardians, teachers and school staff, coaches and/or instructors. For adults, information is collected from family members, partners/spouses, roommates, or close friends. Whenever possible, school report cards are reviewed. 


The following conditions may need to be ruled out because symptoms may overlap with ADHD:

  • Medical conditions 

  • Psychiatric disorders 

  • Learning disabilities

  • Vision or hearing problems


If you are a parent and have concerns about ADHD in your child or you are an adult who is concerned that you have ADHD, make an appointment with your family doctor. Some family doctors diagnose ADHD. 


If your GP does not provide an ADHD assessment you can be referred to a specialist such as; a pediatrician, psychiatrist, or a registered psychologist. An assessment provided by pediatricians, and psychiatrists are typically covered by B.C’s Medical Service Plan and there is no fee. The B.C Medical Service Plan does not cover visits and/or assessments by registered psychologists. However, you also do not need an official referral form to see a registered psychologist.

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